Agreement Word Ka Hindi Meaning

As a professional, it is important to understand the meaning of agreement words in different languages, including Hindi. In this article, we will explore the Hindi meaning of the agreement word.

The agreement word is a crucial element in a sentence, as it is the word that makes sure that the subject and verb agree in number and person. In Hindi grammar, the agreement word is called “samanarthi shabd.”

The Hindi meaning of agreement word is “सहमति शब्द” or “सम्मति शब्द.” These words are commonly used in Hindi grammar to refer to words that indicate agreement between two or more nouns, pronouns, or verbs.

For example, in the sentence “तुम और मैं स्कूल जाते हैं” (you and I go to school), the agreement word is “हैं” (go). This word is in agreement with the subject “तुम और मैं” (you and I), which is plural.

Another example is the sentence “वह खुश हैं और मैं भी खुश हूँ” (he is happy, and I am also happy). In this sentence, the agreement word is “हैं” (is), which is in agreement with the subject “वह” (he), which is singular.

It is important to note that in Hindi, the agreement word can vary depending on the gender and number of the subject. For example, in the sentence “मैंने उसे देखा है” (I have seen him/her), the agreement word “देखा” (seen) changes to “देखी” (seen) if the subject is feminine.

In conclusion, the agreement word in Hindi is essential for ensuring grammatical correctness in sentences. It is crucial to understand the Hindi meaning of agreement words to use them effectively while writing or speaking in Hindi.

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